Convocation 2008 Performance : Latest News (24/4/08)

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Hi guys..I juz met Cik Mart juz some news for convocation performance.

1. Convocation 2008
This upcoming convo might be a bit different coz this time around,there r 1000 graduates compared to last year (700 graduates).This doesn't include the parents and the lecturers and the capacity inside might add up until 3000 ++ person in the hall. This will effect us as our place for performance will be taken for the graduates. Cik mart has told me there might be 4 possible situation that might take place during convocation

  • Record our voice - this might lead to low quality of peformance ( x bez la x de kat situ)
  • Buat kat amphiteater/kat area2 pintu hall - ni lagi la x berkenan. cermin tingkap kat hall tu akan jadi bunyi double.
  • Buat platform dkt atas island - sgt2 stylo n besh tp mahal la pulak..
  • Have 2 sessions of graduation - tp pnat la kita kene nynyi 2 round
Watever it is..Juz wait 4 the nxt convo..tgk managment UTP ckp ape.hehe

2. ChoirFest 09
Im so happy to say that Cik Mart bagi green light on this.Tp cik mart ckp susah nak wat dgn penginapan.Nanti HICOM akan diumumkan n then gerak kerja akan diumumkan gak in future.

3. Upcoming Practice

This are details on next practice:

Date of Arrival : 11th July 2008 (Friday)
Date of Practice : 12th July 2008 - 19th July 2008
Venue : Block B

* For those who have booked their airline ticket, u may come to the practice after the break.

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On May 6, 2008 at 9:02 AM , budak choir baru (kot..) said...

assalamualaokum, nie budak foundation yg perform choir tuk Raja Nazrin ari tu. Hm, nak join choir team? K gak! These are our details:

1) Name:Fazlee bin Felix
I/C No. : 900107-12-5115
email :
HP no : 016-8351475
Year : Foundation Sem 1 Jan 08
Course : Chemical Engineering

2) Name : Mu'ez bin Razami
I/C no :900427-10-5703
e-mail :
HP no : 019-5235824
Year : Foundation Sem 1 Jan 08
Course : Chemical Engineering

Thnx 4 inviting us!



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