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From Saturday, 04 July 2009 - 8:00am
To Wednesday, 08 July 2009 - 5:00pm

International Choral Festival 2009
Theme: A Voyage of Songs
Date: 4th ~ 8th July 2008
Location: Dewan Sri Pinang
Organizer: Transinex Pte Ltd
Tel: +65 6338 3733 / 6333 4238

Objective of the organizers is to promote greater appreciation of choral music, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, through an exchange of music and culture when chorister from different countries and the various judges. This would strenghten the choral movement in the region and establish friendships among the participants.

Opening Ceremony:
The opening ceremony of A VOYAGE OF SONGS 2009 will take place on 4th of July 2009. The opening event comprises of the assembly of all participating choirs and the official opening concert by top choirs specially chosen by the festival office.

Categories of Competition:
A. Mixed Choir (SATB);
A1.Open Category (No Age Limit)
A2.Youth Category (for ages 19 and below)
B. Equal Voice Choir (SA or TB)
B1.Open Category (No Age Limit)
B2.Youth Category (for ages 19 and below)
C. Children's Choir (For Ages 13 and below)
D. Chamber Choir (No Age limit)
F. Folklore (No Age Limit)

Awards and Prizes;

Gold Diploma A grade 90 points and above
B grade 85 points ~ 89.90 points
C grade 80 points ~ 84.90 points
Silver Diploma A grade 75 points ~ 79.90 points
B grade 70 points ~ 74.90 points
C grade 65 points ~ 69.90 points
Bronze Diploma A grade 60 points ~ 64.90 points
B grade 55 points ~ 59.90 points
C grade 50 points ~ 54.90 points

- plz download the form = -

UTP Choir Group Organization Chart 2009

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Good Luck To A New Management and Perfomers Team!!

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Hi and Salam!

How are you? I hope you guys are doing well..hehe.. Nway as you guys know, the past management team has been dissolved (macam election lak). So you guys will be having a new leader,abir alongside with his team,managed by Fazlee n Ainin..


Baju putih : Ainin

Ive been meeting up with the new management team n they are really excited to manage u guys as they are zaza as secretary,mimi as treasurer..n for the departments they are mumbang,mira,farid haron,sham,asmah,sarah,niyah,farhan n daus to help you guys out as a team.

They are currently being planning for our intro nite so i hope you guys can come and enjoy.

We are part of the choir group nevertheless if you're in the management or in the performance team. We are " senada,seirama,sejiwa " rite? so i hope this upcoming convo, we can perform better and we can promote the choir team in utp.

As for the performance members..we will ha
ve more than 45 members to be trained by our new trainer ( not yet to be decided).. bt i hope you guys can anticipate to learn more of vocal techs from our new teacher.

I hope the UTP choir group can be even better before this and I hope you guys can promote this blog (update ye adik2?) to other members n even to the world (globalisation maa)..hehe

Lastly i want to thank fendy, konah, ,midi, potter, syam, nahvin, rahim,domen,sean n nik dat have been supporting the team for the last one year.thank you so much!

from back : rahim,sean



from left : midi,fendy,gadis bj kuning n koir team


far left : nahvin


Erk..besaunya gmbr..hehe..

ex management team leader


Koir Universiti Teknologi Petronas 2009.

Senada, Seirama, Sejiwa.